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User Wallets

Changing your wallet settings and adding new wallets

Wallet Setup

In Initial Setupyou will have setup your default wallet - Either a new wallet, or an imported wallet. In the User Wallets bot page, you can Add/Remove Wallets, Send tokens from your wallet, See your wallet balances, Approve tokens for sale, or change Config (Advanced).

Add/Remove Wallets

Click Multi-Wallet to generate or import a second wallet.
If you generate a new wallet, make sure to record your private key and keep it safe. You will need this key to restore access to your wallet. There is no way to retrieve your key at any later stage!
If you import an existing wallet, you will need the private key. You can export this key from other wallet apps like Metamask, Trust Wallet, etc.
Make sure you have some ETH (ERC-20) in your wallet. You can copy your wallet address and fund your wallet from an exchange or another wallet.

Send tokens from your wallet

Simply click "Send ETH" or "Send Tokens" to send tokens to a wallet address of your choice.

See your wallet balances

On the "Balance" page, you can check your token balances of all wallets you have added to MoonBot. Click the token name to open it in the trade page for buying/selling.

Approve tokens for sale

Approving tokens allows MoonBot to trade tokens on your behalf. For tokens you buy within MoonBot, they will already be approved for sale. For tokens that may already be in a wallet you have imported into MoonBot, click "Approve Token" and paste the token contract address.