❗Banned Tokens

Automatically ignore bad tokens

How to stop MoonBot from copy trading a specific token

  • Select "Banned Tokens"

  • Select "Add Banned Token"

  • Paste the token address of the token you wish to ban

  • Make sure the button is turned "🟒 ON"

  • You can un-ban a token by selecting Delete and Confirm

  • More advanced banned token settings are available by selecting the "Config" button

Advanced Banned Token Settings

Banned Token Name Words: This lets you set the full name of tokens you wish to ban (for example: "MoonBot").

Banned Token Name Symbols: This lets you set the token symbol of the tokens you wish to ban (for example: "MBOT").

Super Banned: This setting is useful when copy-trading high performance target wallets where you want to include some words from Banned, but Super Banned is basically a strict no-no.

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