Quick Start Guide

MoonBot's Sniper feature allows you to automatically snipe new tokens the moment they are launched on decentralized exchanges. Make sure you have already generated a wallet following the steps in Initial Setup. This sniper quick start guide is also available as a video posted on our X (Twitter)!

Open a Telegram chat with MoonBot and write "/start" or click the menu button in the bottom left and click /start

  • Click Sniper

  • Click Config

  • Click Wallets

  • Click Select Wallets

  • βœ… Enable the wallet you wish to use for sniping and click Done

  • Click Default Wallet

  • Click the wallet you want to set as default

  • Return to the configuration page

  • Click First Bundle Backup

  • Return to the main Sniper page by clicking β€œReturn” or by clicking Close and then Sniper

  • Click Auto Sniper

  • Paste the token address you want to snipe

  • Reply with your max spend in ETH (the maximum you want to spend buying the token, this excludes tips and bundle costs)

  • Enter your bribing tip in ETH (tip to get your snipe transaction processed faster)

  • Select the wallet to use for sniping and click Done

  • Click Pre Approve and click the same button again (Confirm)

πŸŽ‰ Congrats! If you've followed the above steps, the token should now be approved and your snipe pending! You can click Return or Close and then Sniper and now you will have an option to check and edit Pending Snipes. You can repeat the process and have multiple different snipes pending.

The moment liquidity is added on a DEX, MoonBot will automatically snipe the token. The bot will then send you a message indicating failure or success.

Definitions of MoonBot Sniper's Settings

Auto Sniper: Enter the token address to let MoonBot auto-snipe.

Pending Snipes: Displays token addresses added to autosnipe that are pending.

Auto Snipe Tip: Specifies the tip amount for miners with your auto-snipe transaction.

First Bundle Backup Tip: For MEV (private) or Deadblock launches not compatible with Auto Snipe, set a backup tip. MoonBot will snipe the first safe block.

Manual Buyer GWEI: Sets the GWEI fee for manual snipe transactions.

Slippage: Configures the slippage settings for your snipe transactions.

Approve GWEI: Specifies the GWEI fee for your approval transaction.

Wallets: Manages the wallets utilized for MoonBot Sniper.

  • Add Wallet: Adds a new sniper wallet.

  • Add Transfer Wallet: Includes a new wallet for transferring sniped tokens.

  • Delete Wallet: Removes a sniper wallet.

  • Default Wallet: Sets your default wallet for sniping.

  • Default Wallet(s) Auto: Specifies default wallet(s) for auto-sniping.

  • Default Wallet(s) Manual: Specifies default wallet(s) for manual sniping.

Sell GWEI: Determines the GWEI fee for sell transactions.

Sell Rug GWEI: GWEI fee to counter rug pulls by quickly selling.

Max Buy Tax: Specifies the maximum tax payable during sniping.

Max Sell Tax: Sets the maximum tax payable during sniping.

Min Liquidity Value: Sets the minimum LP value for sniper execution.

Max Liquidity Value: Sets the maximum LP value for sniper execution.

Anti-Rug: Toggle for activating or deactivating anti-rug protection.

Transfer on Blacklist: Transfers tokens to your transfer wallet before your snipe wallet gets blacklisted.

Bundle or Fail Enabled: Enables/disables sniping only when your transaction can be bundled. If not, it fails.

First Bundle Backup: Enables/disables sniping Deadblock and MEV launches in block 1.

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