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MBOT Token

Where can I buy MBOT tokens?
Or why not save time and hassle by buying using MoonBot itself?
What's the MBOT token address?
Was there a presale?
No. The MBOT token launch was a fair launch, all 1 million tokens were added to liquidity at launch.
Is there a tax on the token?
No. The MBOT token will always have 0% trading tax, so you can set your slippage low. There is a 1% trading fee for using MoonBot itself.
Will more tokens ever be minted?
No. 1 million tokens is our total and fully diluted supply.
Why did some wallets receive an airdrop at launch?
We initially deployed a V1 token with a faulty contract. A few days later, we deployed our current V2 token, and airdropped it to the existing holders.