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Advanced Configuration

In "User Wallets - Config", you can choose advanced settings for MoonBot. In most cases the standard settings are most ideal.

If you are changing these settings, it's important that you already understand the impact of these. If you don't, feel free to ask for advice in our Telegram Community Chat.

General Settings

  • Mempool Enabled/Disabled: Here you can choose if you want your transactions to be placed on the mempool or kept private.

  • Same Wallet Sells On/Off: Coming soon

  • Min Pool Liquidity ETH: If the token's liquidity pool is lesser than this value, then MoonBot won't buy.

  • Max Same Token Swaps: The maximum units of a token you want MoonBot to be able to swap for you.

Swaps Settings

  • Private Sell/Buy Non Mempool Txs: ON = Use private transactions, which will help prevent from sandwich and front-running attacks.

  • Use infinite slippage for private swaps: Typically you will leave this enabled, as the MEV searchers and builders processing the transaction will calculate the correct amount of slippage for you.

  • Amount Multiplier Range: The multiplier applied to a copied transaction by MoonBot Copy Trading. If the copied target wallet buys 1 ETH and your multiplier is 0.1, MoonBot will buy 0.1 ETH. If the target wallet buys 1 ETH and your multiplier is 2, MoonBot will buy 2 ETH.

  • Max ETH amount spent per tx: The maximum amount of ETH you want to spend in any swap.

Approve Settings

  • Approve After Buy: ON = MoonBot will automatically approve for sale after a buy, so you can sell quickly when you want to.

Slippage Settings

  • Slippage Mempool: Your desired slippage setting for transactions that are placed on the Mempool.

  • Slippage Non Mempool: Your desired slippage for private transactions.

  • Slippage Manual: Manually set the slippage for swaps.

Gas Settings

https://docs.alchemy.com/docs/maxpriorityfeepergas-vs-maxfeepergas gives a good overview on the Ethereum transaction fee structure. There are a few different parameters you can set with a transaction, to make it more likely to succeed.

  • Regular Max Priority Fee: The maximum you want to pay with MoonBot for priority fees.

  • Frontrun Max Priority Fee From Tx Multiplier: Choose by which order of magnitude you want MoonBot to multiply the maximum priority fee of the original transaction which MoonBot will attempt to frontrun.

  • Absolute Max Fee Per Gas Gwei: This says "Don't use more than X gas at all, when including base fee and the priority fee". This is useful if there is a large spike in gas fee on the Ethereum network, it will prevent you from a $100 fee transaction for example.

  • Default Gas Limit: Most standard ERC-20 contracts use a low amount of gas to buy/sell. Some tokens are a lot more complex, and as such have a high gas usage. Gas * gas price, so this equates to a higher transaction fee. You can set a default gas limit to help protect from this.

Rugpull Detector Settings

MoonBot's Rugpull Detector monitors all tokens in your wallet purchased using MoonBot. When it sees a large remove liquidity (LP) transaction for one of these tokens being placed on the blockchain, it will attempt to frontrun this by selling your entire bag of this token, before liquidity is removed. You can setup the Rugpull Detector according to your personal liking:

  • Rugpull Detector: Enabled/Disabled switches the Rugpull Detector on and off.

  • Liquidity Fraction Removed Threshold: Here you can decide which percentage % of liquidity getting removed from a token's LP will trigger Rugpull Detector and attempt to sell your tokens before LP is removed.

  • Min Initial Paired Liquidity ETH: The minimum amount of liquidity in a pool that will make the Rugpull Detector monitor this token.

  • Priority Fee Per Gas Multiplier: Decide by how many orders of magnitude you want the Rugpull Detector to place a sell transaction. The higher this setting, the more expensive your transaction, the higher the chance is your sell transaction will go through before LP is pulled.

  • Min Amount Out ETH: The minimum amount of ETH you want your Rugpull Detector to take out (in other words: the minimum current value of your token holdings in ETH) in order to activate it and attempt to sell.

  • Rugpull Detector Slippage: Slippage to use when attempting to sell.

Test Mode

  • Coming soon

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