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What is MoonBot?
MoonBot is a highly advanced and customizable Telegram bot designed for buying and trading cryptocurrencies. It offers unprecedented speed, transparency, and customization options to enhance your trading experience.
How much does it cost?
MoonBot levies a 1% fee on all trades executed using the bot.
It's simple. No subscription fees for premium features, no need to burn or hold a certain amount of tokens to get access. It's one fee model for all.
How does MoonBot leverage Telegram?
MoonBot utilizes the power of Telegram to provide traders with a fast and customizable trading experience. Traders can execute trades, follow successful traders, and receive real-time updates, all within the Telegram platform.
What makes MoonBot stand out?
MoonBot is known for its exceptional speed, enabling trades to be executed in as little as seconds. We also emphasize transparency through our open-source wallet, giving users full control over their trading activities, as well as a team comprised of publicly known members.
How can I access MoonBot?
You can start using MoonBot on Telegram:
For our community chat, click here:
Our announcement channel:
How do I set up MoonBot?
To get started, start a Telegram chat with MoonBot: and follow the on-screen instructions. For a tutorial, check Initial Setup. You will need to deposit ETH (Ethereum Network) to your MoonBot-generated wallet to start trading.
Is MoonBot available on mobile devices?
Yes, MoonBot is accessible through Telegram, which is available on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.
How can I report scammers on Telegram or X (Twitter)?
Be cautious of scammers and report any suspicious activity to the group admins in MoonBot's Telegram group (by writing "/report"). Admins will never send you a private message first.
What kind of community does MoonBot have?
MoonBot boasts a vibrant community of crypto traders, MBOT token holders, and developers. It's a space where you can share insights, get support, and learn from others.
How often is MoonBot updated?
MoonBot is continually evolving, with updates and improvements being made to enhance the user experience.