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Revenue Share

How can I get revenue share?
Buy MBOT tokens and hold them in your wallet. No staking is required. You can claim your revenue share rewards on our dashboard: Minimum claim amount is 0.05 ETH.
How much revenue share will I get?
Holders of the MBOT token can claim their share of revenue. For example: if you hold 1% of the MBOT token supply (10K), you can claim 1% of total revenue share rewards accrued within that period.
What happens when I sell or transfer my MBOT tokens?
If you sell or transfer more than 200 MBOT tokens during one reward epoch (6 hours), you lose all your accrued rewards to date. These will be returned to the community revenue share wallet, so MBOT holders will reap the rewards.
Will I get my rewards in ETH, stablecoins or MBOT?
Rewards are distributed in ETH (Ethereum Network). An option to compound your rewards to MBOT will be added to the dashboard later.
I am unable to connect my wallet to the revenue share dashboard, what's wrong?
Currently we only guarantee support for the Metamask wallet app. If you are having issues, make sure that any wallet app other than Metamask is disabled in your browser (e.g. Phantom wallet).
How does reward collection work?
Every 6 hours, we take a snapshot of all MBOT holders. Rewards that have come into the reward wallet within this period are divided among these users proportionally to their MBOT token holdings.
How do we calculate rewards?
We take the total MBOT balance of all users, we take user A, we take his balance, we take the total balance, which gives us the percentage share. Then we multiply the percentage share by the total reward.
Rewards are locked for 24 hours, after which they are claimable. If a user sends/sells more than 200 MBOT tokens per reward epoch (6 hours), he loses all claimable and locked rewards.